"To the bone!"

“Quality however is not represented by health status, but by the extend to which the improvements in health status that are possible are realized. To define quality is to establish a norm” 

Michael Davidson, born January 14th 1956, graduated as a physical therapist in 1979. In 1980 he started his own practise in Amsterdam. Registered under BIG-register:79033406704

In the following years, he attained two degrees is orthopaedic practise at Cyriax (London 1980). As well he completed a four-year degree in acupuncture. Followed by specialisation as orthopaedic manual therapist, which he officially became in from in 1991.

It is his desire to always strive for his best self, he was invited to speak at several national and international symposia. Mainly about diagnostics and training therapy for back and shoulder complains. An outstanding lecture took place in Meersburg (Germany, May 1998) for a group of lectures in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. Followed by a reading in Perth (WA) in November 2000. In this lecture, he discussed his ambition to create a complete software package for the Manual Orthopaedic Therapy. The aim of this package is to scientifically research the effectiveness of this kind of treatment.

After all this time-consuming international experiences, he decided to spent more time with his family, including his three foster children (video 2012). In the search for new challenges he decided to give some additional lectures at the National Sport Medical Conference in 2006. He discussed the ankle and prevention strategies for shoulder complains.

His mission? To distinguish himself and ManualFysion in market of (para)medic health care, with measurable quality. Both in his specialisation as Manual Orthopaedic therapist as well in his business. "Quality however is not represented by health status, but by the extent to which improvements in health status that are possible are realized. To define quality is to establish a norm" (A. Donabedian - 1980)

Experiences& Links:

2006:   At a meeting of the ‘Zorgautoriteit’ he gave a lecture about quality in healthcare.

2012:   Read the Interview with Michael at CTO Amsterdam (youth elite athlete training centre)

            November 3rd, Michael speaks at the KNGF yearly conference.

            In corporation with dr. Prof. H.E.J Vergeer, research with Robin Haase.

11-12:   Team member of the research group CTO and VU university for sport related research sportgerelateerd wetenschappelijk onderzoek

2013:   Start of scientific research in baseball players. A longitudinal study with young baseball players. To educate players to throw at 90mph, they should be strong enough, stay injury free and learn the right technique. ManualFysion provides paramedic care in this research.

2014:  March: Lecture at the 6e Post Olympisch Sportcongres at  De Reehorst in Ede.

May: Lecture “Schouder in de schijnwerper” at the HVA Physical Therapy department. In corporation with met Derek van Deurzen, Michel van den Bekerom.

November: Organizing a workshop "EMG gebruik bij schouderklachten” in corporation with Xavier Teitsma at the 10e Sportmedisch Wetenschappelijk Jaarcongres .

Organizing the shoulder screening at elite baseball club “Diamonds”. The youth players get a yearly screening. Part of the screening is done with the PhysioPlux. The aim of this screening is to enhance injury prevention at the youth academy, as well to collect data for scientific research. The screening is part of the "Fastball project" research project.

2015:   Visit to New York with his son. And an introduction of the  PhysioPlux in a practise in New York. See: "dat was lachen met de PhysioPlux

The  PhysioPlux  in practise: The pictures shows the left shoulder of the patient. The Compex 8 is used to give electric stimulation during training of the rotatorcuff. The patient can follow his progress in at a tablet device. The first step is to improve quality of motion, the second step quantity of motion.

2016:   Innovation in the treatment of shoulder complains! Last week the first patient received his PhysioPlux Homedevice to continue his training at home. After the first period of quality of motion, he can continue on an individual basis at home to improve his quantity of movement. The patient can train on a moment it suits him. And if needed a physical therapist can give advice and guidance on distance. In the future, positive behaviour will give your free downloads.

            At the moment, the preparations for a RCT scientific research take place, titled: "The effect of EMG feedback on shoulder complaints". Watch the introduction video here .

L&D Pirates Amsterdam becomes European Champion! For the first time in his history. ManualFysion was responsible for the paramedic guidance. Watch the summary of the final here: samenvatting finale

Student project. As part of a project students made a movie of the first contact between patient and therapist. Watch here: in beeld

2017:   Top pitcher Rick van den Hurk joined in the Fastball onderzoek research. Which was showed on the television:  Uitzending NOS Nieuwsuur.

Presentations (mostly in dutch):

17-8-1981 begin van de eigen onderneming
mijn kern mobiliseren en spierfunctie verbeteren (1977) fl 6,25
1990-91 Universitair Stagemeester
1992 stageverlening Opleiding OMT Delft
1993 tot 2004 docent Opleiding OMT Delft
1993 Dimeqmedical fitness
1993 Bijscholing Akademie Leffelaar: krachttraining
1994 Skill-labs Dimeq: medische trainings therapie
1995 Backtech'95 Erasmus Universiteit/ NISG 
1995 Skill-labs Enraf Nonius/Dimeq:trainingstherapie
1996  Skill-labEnraf Nonius:trainingstherapie met de pully
1997 Skill-labs Enraf Nonius MTT met EN-Tree
1998 Meersburg (Duitsland) MTT
2000 Perth (Australie) video
2002 NVMT - Congresde rug in al zijn facetten
2004 AGIS APG getal/ kwaliteit 
2006 CTG/ZAio kwaliteit in de zorg
2006 Symposium "Enkel de enkel"
2007 Voorzorg: preventie o.a. DM2 i.o.m. AGIS
2011 SNA SchouderNetwerkAmsterdam
2012 KNGF Symposium
2014 Sochi Traumatologen en sportFT Congres
2014 Schouder in de Schijnwerper(HVA)
2014 Sport Medisch Congres PhysioPlux
2017 VU Amsterdam, faculteit Gedrags- en Bewegingswetenschappen
2017 Family day PhysioPlux in Groningen
2017 4e Nationaal Symposium Manuele Therapie: "Bewegingsketens"