Who we are

ManualFysion is a practise with expertise in (orthopaedic) manual therapy, physical therapy, sport physical therapy and rehabilitation. We offer our services at four locations in Amsterdam.
Knowledge, innovation and collaboration are the leading values. Our team brings together a wide range of expertises. In close collaboration we bundle our knowledge, expertise and knowhow to every treatment we do. Within this collaboration we are able to share new knowledge, strengthen expertise and inspire and strength each other. Our motto: We together, for you.
Welcome to ManualFysion!

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What we do

Physical therapy

Physical therapy focus on the understanding and training of the movement system of the human body. A complex and collaborative system of muscles, ligaments, bones and joints and nerves. With the right treatment and training many complains can be solved. Firstly, complains on the movement system as schoulderpain and neckpain can be solved. Secondly, after an orthopaedic surgery the rehabilitation process in essential successful effect. The physical therapist is able to build up the rehabilitation process before and after the surgery. We offer several specialized services at ManualFysion. 


Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy. A manual therapist has in-depth knowledge of the interrelationship of movement clusters. With this knowledge they have an id-depth view to discover the roots of a complain. They have specialised in mobilization techniques like manipulation and trust techniques.


Sport physical therapy

ManualFysion has expertise in the paramedical treatment and guidance for (elite) athletes and talents. Sport physical therapy is specialized in treating injuries related to sport. The (post-operative) rehabilitation is focused on bringing athletes back at their performance level prior the injury.



After an orthopaedic operation the rehabilitation process is essential for a positive outcome. ManualFysion works with innovative new technologies like the Alter G, Physioplux and ResQ. There is intensive contact with several orthopaedic surgeons in the region.



ManualFysion has expertise in a range of innovative technologies and techniques.
Like: Alter-G, Physio-plux and ResQ. If you would like more information, you can contact us. Clik here to read information about our expertises (in Dutch).


Making an appointment

Are you new to ManualFysion? You can call us to make an appointment. We will register you in our system and arrange your first appointment.
If you have been to ManualFysion before, you can contact us to make a new appointment.

Phone: +31 20 676 2775 (mo-fri 8.00-16.30)
Sms/whatsapp: +316 46646666
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With a Dutch health insurance

If you have a Dutch health insurance you might have (limited) coverage for physical therapy. Only with an ‘aanvullende verzekering’ / additional package you will receive coverage for physical therapy. How many appointments are covered depends on your type of package. If you have no coverage you will receive an invoice. [Particular costs] per can be found below. Before you start your treatment it is wise to contact your insurance for information. If you have any questions, you can always contact us +3120 6762 775


Without an Dutch health insurance

If you don’t have an Dutch Insurance you will have to pay after every treatment in cash or card at the desk.

The particular costs are:
Physical therapy (30min) € 36,00
Manual therapy € 49,00
Additional costs at home treatment € 18,00
Screening € 18,00
Intake and examination after screening € 36,00
Intake and examination after referral € 49,00
One-off physical therapy examination € 72,00
Writing up reports (per 30min) € 49,00
Provided bandage € 15,00